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If you are new to the working world or a school leaver, you may have found that the effects of the pandemic has made job hunting a lot more challenging for job applicants but fear not, we can offer you some great tips to stand out from the crowd and find a successful job or Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity and if you know the sort of job or industry you are interested in working for then they can be a great chance to kick start your dream career. With endless programmes available at all levels, you can find the perfect Apprenticeship for you.

But where to start?

If you’re interested in completing an Apprenticeship, you might have an idea of the sort of thing you want to do, for example do you want to work in head office with Business Admin or a Team Leader role? Or a more hands on role such as Supply Chain or Freight Forwarding? Whatever you decide, there will be something out there for you but they key is to do your research. Find out exactly what each Apprenticeship is about, the requirements you may need, and if it is the right level for you. For example, Level 3 Apprenticeships are equivalent to A-levels which are a great choice for school leavers as they often won’t need much, if any previous experience. However, to apply for a degree Apprenticeship, you usually need at least two A-Levels and some relevant experience.

Think you’ve decided on the Apprenticeship programme?

There are lots of vacancy pages available specifically for Apprenticeship openings which can be a good tool for finding the right one based on your location or programme interest. If there is a specific company you want to work for however, you can have a look on their specific company page instead for any Apprenticeships. If they don’t have any vacancies available, they often let you send a speculative CV giving you the chance to showcase your interest and enthusiasm for the company.

Tailor your CV

Having a strong CV is imperative for applying for both jobs and Apprenticeships. It needs to showcase your knowledge and abilities in the best possible way, demonstrating to the recruitment team exactly why you are the top person for this role. For most CV’s, a simple format is best, however within the creative industries many applicants will attempt to make their CV eye-catching and often using a portfolio of their previous work. But for most applications, making sure that your CV is straight forward and concise is key.

  • Personal Profile: This should be a quick introduction into who you are and any skills you have that are relevant to the apprenticeship.
  • Education History: Employers will want to know any qualifications you have gained from secondary school onwards so be sure to include all of these starting with your most recent qualifications first.
  • Employment History: Your employment history should start from your most recent job or experience and if you haven’t had a job before, do not worry! This could include voluntary work or college work placements. Be sure to only include information that will support your Apprenticeship application and if you don’t think your experience matches the job role, you can still highlight transferable skills.
  • Skills/Interests: Include any interests or hobbies you have if they’re relevant to the role or demonstrate a great achievement.

To conclude

You may also need to include a cover letter which is another important part of your Apprenticeship application. This is a great opportunity to expand on how you have the specific skills and achievements needed for the role you are applying for, as well as an explanation as to why you are applying for that Apprenticeship. Keep it short and to the point making it easy for Employers to read what you are telling them quickly which is important as they may have hundreds of other applications.

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