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Who am I?

I’m Gemma and I am the Curriculum Leader & Designated Safeguarding Officer here at SR Apprenticeships. As part of my role, I have recently undertaken an Education and Training Foundation (EFT) CPD course with regards to Essential Digital Skills.

The Standards are primarily intended for use by awarding organisations in developing new essential digital skills qualifications, available for first teaching from August 2020. The Standards will also inform the development of new subject content for digital functional skills qualifications, which will be available for first teaching from 2021.

Digital Skills Qualifications

The digital Functional Skills qualifications, will support progression into employment or further education and develop skills for everyday life – based on the new, rigorous national Standards for essential digital skills.

Below is a list of modules completed for this badge:

  • Using devices
  • Finding and Evaluating Information
  • Managing and Storing Information
  • Dealing with Technical Problems
  • Creating and Editing Documents
  • Working with Digital Media 1
  • Working with Digital Media 2
  • Processing Numerical Data
  • Communicating and Sharing 1
  • Communicating and Sharing 2
  • Managing Traceable Activity Online
  • Using Online Services
  • Buying Online 1
  • Buying Online 2
  • Protecting Privacy Protecting Data (Risks)
  • Being Responsible
  • Digital Wellbeing

My thoughts on the Qualification

I was pleasantly surprised at how much this actually stretched and challenged me. I had thought that I would be fully competent and was shocked to discover on my first attempt that I didn’t pass immediately. Each section has a multiple-choice test at the end to assess knowledge and I am not ashamed to admit, that the first attempt wasn’t my only failure. But I persevered, completed the learning activities and then the assessments and finally passed. (I now know what the padlock means on a search bar, what URL stands for, different levels of encryption, what phishing actually is, just to name a few).

This will enable me to ensure our curriculum offer is sensitive to the present and future demands on digital skills.

Gemma Brown

Gemma Brown

Curriculum Leader and Designated Safeguarding Officer at SR Apprenticeships

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