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Experts in Apprenticeships

SR Apprenticeships thrives on providing high quality, tailored Apprenticeship programmes in a variety of industries from Professional and Business Services to Supply Chain and Logistics. With our team’s combined years of experience, we can provide unlimited support and advice. 

Growing Your Own Talent

By offering Apprenticeships, you can grow your own talent. Building your own future talent pipeline using industry specific skills means it will be completely tailored to your business needs.

A Stronger Workforce

With Apprenticeships, you can develop a more professional workforce made up of motivated, skilled and qualified Employees which improves the efficiency of your organisation.

Reduce recruitment costs

By utilising the talent of your current Employees and staying in-house, you will significantly reduce spend on new hires, training and contractor hire.

Upskill your employees

Upskilling you existing staff leads to increased motivation and loyalty. Apprenticeships also provide progression routes to higher roles.

Professionalise your workforce

Why Employers should consider Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships offer a host of benefits for organisations, from a more professional, skilled workforce to saving costs within recruitment and increasing your organisation’s productivity.  

Bespoke recruitment services

We make the process easier for you


SR Apprenticeships is here to help you through the Apprenticeship journey from start to finish, including recruiting your Apprentice. Our team offers a free recruitment service for all of our Apprenticeship clients. 

Our specialist team are experienced in the recruitment of candidate to early career roles. They provide on-boarding services and can verify eligibility for both new staff and existing employees in relation to Apprenticeship funding.

High quality Programmes

We can help you empower your workforce

Team Leading & Management

Supporting Employees within Leadership and Management roles.

Business Services

Developing Business Administration and Customer Service roles.

Supply Chain

Learn more about Supply Chain Practitioner roles and similar here.

Understanding funding for Apprenticeships


Customer Service Specialist L3 Apprenticeship

Funding for Apprenticeships is determined by your Annual Pay Bill. For those with an annual bill of more than £3 million, you will spend 0.5% of your  total pay bill on the Apprenticeship levy. This will give you an annual ‘levy allowance’ of £15,000. 

For those with an Annual Pay Bill of less than £3 million, Apprenticeships are funded by a co-investment arrangement which is 95% Government funded and 5% Employer contribution.

Our team offers guidance to help Employers easily understand the funding process and complete it as efficiently as possible.

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