Curriculum Team Leader

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General description of your role:

The role of a Curriculum Team Leader is to provide organisational support to the delivery team
that are under your direct line management. The team leader will monitor and implement a
reduction in compliance errors from the delivery team in line with SR Apprenticeships Standards.
The curriculum team leader must effectively communicate SR Apprenticeships visions, values
and future goals with all team members instilling a drive for success.

The curriculum team leader will be proactive in ensuring that the delivery team are effectively
planning and delivering a quality service to all of our clients ensuring that deadlines are adhered
to. Through periodic checking, you will ensure that learners and employers are satisfied with our

The curriculum team leader must actively motivate all in the delivery team and effectively deal
with underperformance in a timely manner throughout the team. The curriculum team leader
will provide accurate weekly updates to the operations manager headlining team performance.

Main responsibilities

  • To put forward to the Curriculum manager / Delivery new delivery staff to meet changing requirements.
  • Recruitment and selection of new tutors
  • Complete interim and annual appraisals
  • Support where required the commercial team
  • Ensure at all times compliance with all ESFA and OFSTED requirements.
  • Provide monthly, accurate forecasting of learner progression and upcoming learner achievements in a timely manner
  • Maintain a positive and motivated approach to all aspects of your role at all times and display professionalism to all parties.
  • Ensure accurate and timely delivery team reporting and communication is adhered to with line manager at all times.
  • Responsible for the leadership and performance of a delivery team involving Apprenticeship standards in a range of subject areas.
  • Drive and achieve set KPI’s to ensure learner progress and timely completions
  • Carry out monthly caseload reviews for your team
  • Carry out monthly 1-1’s
  • Accurately report and feedback on individual delivery team performance to the Curriculum Manager
  • Work with the lead IQA to improve Quality within your team.
  • To support the delivery team enabling them to achieve timely success rates with their learners.
  • To ensure the delivery team are competent to carry out vocational and functional skills assessments of learners and make decisions as to the suitability of potential learners to achieve relevant qualifications.
  • To check the learner’s plan of individual training needs has been adhered to.
  • To randomly sample portfolios and to monitor their quality of evidence.
  • To be responsible for monitoring and tracking learner progression.
  • To prepare weekly/monthly reports for the Curriculum manager.
  • To travel as required meeting the requirements of the position.
  • To carry out other duties as may reasonably be required by the Curriculum Manager