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I’m Jane Roberts and I’m responsible for ensuring that all the work that is produced by the Tutors and Apprentices meets the requirements of the awarding bodies we work with. I’ve been with SR Apprenticeships for just over 3 years. I have been in training for nearly thirteen years starting as a Tutor before moving into a more quality focused role.

Day-to-Day Role

On a daily basis I might be checking through Learner folders, working with external verifiers from the awarding body or completing observations on Tutors with their Apprentices. Although a lot of time I am home based, it has never been to the extent of this year and I must admit at times I get a bit fed up of the views out of the windows and the limited conversation of the three dogs.

Impact of COVID

Who would have thought that this year would have been dominated by toilet rolls, face masks and zoom meetings? This time last year we had no idea what 2020 had in store and I still sometimes feel like I am featuring in a film which at times, seems to be going out of control. It’s been a year of looking at how we can adapt in many ways not just by using technology instead of face-to-face meetings, but doing exercise classes on Zoom and looking at different ways that we can meet up and socialise. As a family we adopted two baby lambs which have provided much amusement as they wandered into house during meetings and decided to try to escape into more tasty fields. As a company I think SR Apprenticeships have pulled together even more and taken on different roles to the ones that we would normally have and become much stronger as a team. I look forward to seeing what 2021 brings for us and hope for some type of normalcy again.

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

Lead Internal Quality Assurer at SR Apprenticeships

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