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Off the Job Training is an important part of an Apprenticeship. SR Apprenticeships take the successful delivery of this as crucial to the Apprentice requiring the knowledge needed to pass the End Point Assessment.

The calculation of the Off the Job Training Hours is based on 20% of the hours the Apprentice will work during the learning period of the Apprenticeship.

The amount the Apprenticeship is required to complete is in the Apprenticeship Agreement at sign up. With the calculation for this amount provided in the Commitment Statement. There is a plan for how it will be delivered in the Commitment Statement and the ILP. This includes Tutor Visits, Online Learning, Reflection, Shadowing, Mentoring, Internal Development, Assessments and Assignments, Practical training, Research, Workshops and Preparation to reach gateway. With a further guide for what to include in the Learning Log at the end of the ILP.

The Apprentice then describes and tracks the hours through their Apprenticeship programme using the Applied Learning Log and this is monitored by the Assessor.

Gary Petley

January 2021

Gary Petley

Gary Petley

MI, Audit and Compliance Manager at SR Apprenticeships

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