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As the world goes back to normal, I’m sure you are aware of the fresh wave of issues this will inevitably bring to Employers. From managing expectations of individuals conquering the anxious feeling of travelling again, back to working in the office, ongoing mental health issues, management support, hiring, firing alongside all of the other day to day activities which are thrown your way.

Throughout the Pandemic, traditional HR techniques have been pushed to their limits with Furlough being new to the majority of us. We understand that even the most effective HR Managers have needed to readdress, and have had to adapt to a very new set of working environments; dealing with a new set of challenges, such as managing home working or hybrid working teams. 

As you know organisations need capabilities to manage, develop and implement policies/procedures and good working practices. The benefits of having a trained HR team are invaluable to any business in dealing with the never-ending policies, legislation, and day to day issues which face most of us face each week.  

A positive business culture is key to defining success. It drives job satisfaction, staff retention and Employee engagement. HR plays a key role in changing and reinforcing the culture of a business.

To be prepared in the post-Pandemic world, where many sectors have faced a shrinkage in their workforce for various reasons – ensuring the retention of staff, and staff that have the right skills set is of paramount importance to business recovery. 

This is where our structured, relevant HR Apprenticeship Programmes will add value to your HR department. Our full Apprenticeship offering covers Human Resources, Learning & Development, Management, Team Leading, Administration and Customer Services. We also offer Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain and International Freight Forwarding. Details of our programmes can be found here

For more information get in touch with our experienced Relationship Managers to discuss how you could implement these programmes into your development strategy.

Paula Prescott

Paula Prescott

Senior Relationship Manager at SR Apprenticeships

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