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It’s a quirk of our nature to say that we are ok when asked the question and normally you are.

In fact I think most of the time when we ask the question its rhetoric and we never expect anyone to reply ‘actually I’m not ‘.  But over the past year I think most of us have had times when we have a sneaking suspicion that we are not ok but aren’t sure whether we should own up or not. 

The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charles Mackesy seems to sum up how most of us have felt over the last year. Things we have taken for granted seeing friends face to face, hugging  and going out for meals have been take away from us and  just when we thought things were getting better we find ourselves in another lockdown. But I think if one of the things that I have learnt from this year it’s to be honest with yourself and others. If you’re not ok tell people. You probably won’t actually know what’s making you feel not ok but just a funny feeling inside that things aren’t quite right.

 We are so lucky that we can talk to people over the phone and social media and I know sometimes that they can seem a bit of an intrusion but at the moment they are a lifeline and we need to use them as much as we need to. As we all have lots of times indoors at the moment have a read through Charles Mackesy’s lovely book. There are more pictures that words but the words are absolutely beautiful. I could fill the rest of this blog up with all the quotes and phrases but I’m not going to I’ll leave it up to you to find out for yourselves

 As Miranda Hart says ‘Simply, the world needs Charlie’s work right now ‘-   ENJOY

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

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