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Bespoke Apprenticeship Recruitment

We are experts in recruiting for Apprenticeship roles

We offer a Recruitment Service that can be tailored to your unique needs from simply advertising your roles to supporting the end to end recruitment process including interviewing and on boarding.

The process starts with agreeing a detailed job description with you.  Much of the work behind this will have been done with our Relationship Managers, who will already have a great idea of what you are looking for and the role that your Apprentice will undertake.

We have relationships with the major online platforms that are used by people looking for Apprenticeship roles and as well as advertising on these sites, all of our job opportunities are advertised on the Government’s ‘Find An Apprenticeship’ site.

Our team is here to make the process easier for you

An adaptable service to fit your recruitment needs

Our dedicated team of Apprentice Recruiters have relationships with schools & colleges on a national basis and also use social media to effectively attract the very best candidates to your roles. Based on the detailed Job Description that they prepare at the start of the process, they undertake first stage interviews to identify those candidates with the best aptitude and attitude for your roles. They also confirm that the candidate is eligible for an Apprenticeship programme.

Our Apprentice Recruiters can either send candidates to you as they become available or prepare a shortlist for you to review. Either way, they are able to support you in second and third stage meetings either by attending the interview or by acting as a sounding board after the meeting.

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Our specialised, experience team of recruiters will ensure you receive the right, high quality, eager and driven candidates. They are able to assist from advertising to placement and best of all, it is free of charge, saving on average 50 hours of Apprenticeship recruitment work. 

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Dedicated to giving you a great service

Our programmes are designed to help Employers fill skills gaps, attract new talent and support succession and with our recruitment service, this is easier than ever.

We are completely focused on making sure that you get the best candidate for your role. Ensuring that your Apprentice is not only the right fit for your organisation, but is also motivated to achieve the very best that they can in their Apprenticeship.

Our high levels of Employer and Apprentices satisfaction and excellent feedback makes us a clear choice to support you.

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SR Apprenticeships can help advertise and check eligibility for any new vacancies for free.

Yes, an existing Employee can complete an Apprenticeship. This is a great way to upskill your workforce and create a talent pipeline with Employees you already know and value.

Yes, an Apprentice should be in a contract of employment within a suitable job role for at least the duration of the Apprenticeship qualification.

The length of an Apprenticeship varies depending on the programme. Find out more here. 

No. SR Apprenticeships prefer to use online forms and offsite sign up processes. We aim to keep the process as simple and slick as possible, leaving you to concentrate on supporting your staff.

SR Apprenticeships will work with you to guide you on your learning. The minimum requirement is 20% of off the job learning. We will enable you to have all the support and structure required to do this.

We’ll help the Apprentice to complete their Apprenticeship elsewhere and find you a replacement.

No. This will enable you to recognise the training needs of all your Employees new and existing.

SR Apprenticeships can guide you on creating a school leaver programme and put you in contact with schools/colleges in your area. The educators are very open to support from Employers.