Cardtronics Case Study: John’s Story

Team Leadership Level 3:

John Torr, Building & Installations Manager at Cardtronics, based in Rotherham, recently completed the Level 3 Leadership Apprenticeship with SR Apprenticeships and gained a distinction. We spoke to John to find out more about his experience and how it is assisting him in his role.

Deeper Understanding of Leadership Styles

‘Honestly, when I started on the course, I wasn’t overly enthused by the thought of it. I have a very busy and demanding role as a Building & Installations Manager here at Cardtronics, managing 35 people. I thought it would interfere with my day-to-day work. However, I quickly realised what an amazing opportunity the programme was. I cannot believe the skills I have learnt, from being more confident when I present to gaining new IT skills. Generally I have become much more confident and have learnt about what type of leader I am and the various ‘styles’ of leaders.

More importantly, I’ve developed a much deeper understanding of the different learning styles of the staff I manage and how each and every one of them responds to leadership in different ways. This has enabled me to forge better working relationships and to get the most from each member of my team.

Understanding how to get the most from each member of my team was a game changer for me as I began to develop skills, to gain a better understanding of methods and personality types. My team work together brilliantly, but remembering, appreciating and understanding that they are individuals, all with different drivers, abilities, strengths and weaknesses has been a revelation – one that has improved my management skills and relationships with all my team.
The tools and techniques that we used to understand leadership were varied, with great tutors who challenged and developed everyone on the course, using the best learning style to suit the individual. I now apply those same skills to my own team!
I think it’s important to recognise that regardless of age and how long you have been in a management role, there are always aspects that can be improved, to make yourself a better manager and leader.My employer, Cardtronics, are extremely proactive and really support all levels of our workforce with training. As a results-driven business I can see the importance of ensuring all staff are at the top of their game and my training has certainly improved my leadership as well as my reporting skills, all contributing to the overall business success.’

The Next Steps

‘I’m applying for the Level 5 course next as I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. Also seeing how I can apply the skills and the benefits that I discover each and every day, has made me want to continue my learning journey!’

Perfect Partners

We also spoke to Samantha Williams, European HR Business Partner at Cardtronics, about how the programme has helped the business. Here is what she had to say:

“We have partnered with SR Apprenticeships for a while now and have always found them and their tutors to be engaging, relevant and challenging – which is exactly what our business and employees need. We see an improvement in all those that participate and it definitely helps support our business growth and talent recognition programmes”.

Business Benefits

Most businesses cannot afford for managers to take long periods of time away from the business. The programmes from SR Apprenticeships are flexible and are able to fit around a busy role, making it easier for companies to invest in the learning and development of staff.

Nick Colquitt, SR Apprenticeships, Commercial Director said “Cardtronics are very forward thinking and understand the importance of staff development and the real business benefits and rewards that investing in employees can bring. Samantha has been a pleasure to work with and her desire to create programmes that benefit both the individual and the business is fantastic to see. We look forward to continuing to work with Samantha and the team at Cardtronics”.

Inspired? If you are inspired by John’s story, then contact us at SR Apprenticeships to start your journey.